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Millions of young girls are avoiding extra curricular clubs after school or doing sports during their period – due to a lack of available sanitary products. 

New research has found 26% of girls aged 10-18 years old in the UK are avoiding these social situations, and 27% avoid going out altogether once a month, as a direct result of period poverty. 

To combat this I have committed to donating funds for sanitary products every month through brand hey girls. Hey Girls work with a network of over 250 donation partners across the UK who ensure that the products are received and given to girls and women who need a little extra help each month. These partners include community organisations, home shelters, food banks, and charities. 


Donating products can keep young people in school, prevent people having to make dehumanising choices – to wear the wrong product, or a worse quality product, or to wear a product for longer than is hygienic or safe.

“Period poverty is not only affecting girls’ education but is stopping them from taking part in the activities they love.”

Steph Houghton, Manchester City and the England national team captain. 

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photos by, Inciclo, Natracare. fact source


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